Can math show a path to health?

Mathematics, specifically sacred geometry, is the basis of the newest technology I’m excited to
be the only practitioner offering in Los Angeles. It’s called Theraphi, and it works by capitalizing
on an increasing scientific understanding of “phi,” otherwise known as the golden mean or the
golden ratio, and how it relates to the very cells in our bodies.

Theraphi, developed by Paul Harris and Dan Winter, uses two specially designed bulbs that envelop subjects in a bioactive plasma field. This has been demonstrated to reverse inflammation, swelling and other biological processes associated with entropy, which in the human body is a precursor to disease. It has been used successfully in 21 countries, and Brentwood Center for Wellness is among the few centers in the United States using it. We are offering an introductory rate for the painless, invigorating 30-minute sessions.

Like the developers, I’m not making any medical claims, but the anecdotal evidence and my own personal experience is convincing me that there’s great value and potential here. The philosophy behind it lines up with what we’ve already understood about the body being an energy system, which is the basis of other healing systems from acupuncture and homeopathy to more recent developments such as Jin Shin Jyutsu and Biofield Tuning.

Dr. Jerry Tenant, author of  “Healing is Voltage” and developer of the Tennant Biomodulator, draws compelling and clear links between disease and the electrical nature of the body. According to Tenant, chronic disease occurs when cells lose their proper electrical capacity.  Hence healing and rejuvenation occur when cellular electrical potential is restored and optimized. 

Theraphi utilizes 18 specific healing frequencies coupled with a field of scalar energy, also
known as a fractal field, to affect cellular regeneration. Scalar energy is a spiraling wave the
same as the Fibonacci spiral, which follows the golden mean, a proportion found in great art
stretching back to the pyramids of Giza and throughout nature, including in the double-helix
shape of DNA.

The Theraphi Plasma System integrates the research of Raymond Royal Rife’s healing
frequencies from the 1930’s, Nikola Tesla’s non-invasive scalar wave electrotherapy from the
1920’s, Antoine Priore’s electromagnetic healing technology from the 1960’s and ’70's, and
Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian physicist. Theraphi is engineered to create a self-organizing,
coherent electromagnetic field that restores cells to “a factory default setting when everything
was in a state of health,” says Gerald H. Smith, a Pennsylvania dentist and doctor of natural

In my office, experiences with Theraphi include the following:

  • Numerous reports of improved memory and focus, clearer thought and cognition, deep and restorative sleep, greater energy and endurance, uplifted mood and relief from anxiety and overwhelm;

  • One user said she derived the same benefit from 30 minutes of Theraphi as she does from a weekend meditation retreat;

  • Another reported relief from a sense of congestion and stiffness in her shoulder, along with elimination of pain it was causing in her elbow;

  • A woman who had brain surgery involving her sinuses credits Theraphi with prompting significant sinus clearing;

  • An 84-year-old woman saw improved kidney function after five Theraphi sessions;

  • A woman taking numerous opioids and other medications for crippling CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) reported being pain-free for days after two sessions;

  • A case of post-shingles nerve pain that had lasted 29 years was virtually eliminated after two visits;

  • At least one report of Theraphi restoring natural hair color in a case of premature graying.

Much more detailed information can be found at, but perhaps the best way to understand better is to experience it for yourself.  Click here to schedule your own Theraphi session today.

Eileen HenryTheraphi, Therapy