What is Near Laser Assisted Lipolysis (NLAL)? 

We all understand that good health and positive well-being lies in maintaining a healthy weight, but our lives — and sometimes our bodies — sabotage our fitness goals. Stored triglycerides (the main components of body fat) are more than just a cosmetic problem. Excess belly fat, in particular, is a well-known contributor to increased risk of heart disease, Type II Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, and Colorectal Cancer. Age and genetics also factor into an inability to eliminate stubborn fat, resulting in problem areas no amount of squats or sit-ups reduce.

When regular exercise and healthy eating habits aren’t enough to help you look and feel your best, Near Laser Assisted Lipolysis (NLAL) is a natural and safe alternative to standard liposuction.

Traditional liposuction (an invasive surgical procedure that uses suction to remove fat from certain areas of the body) carries risks of internal bleeding and negative reactions to anesthesia. It can make patients vulnerable to more serious complications like fat embolisms, kidney and heart problems, and internal punctures. Conversely, NLAL requires no invasive procedures, carries almost no risks, and produces similar results.

Rather than removing fat cells with surgery, NLAL virtually eliminates body fat by harnessing the energy of light in a portable light therapy system. Studies have found that when fat cells absorb certain light wavelengths, their shape and permeability transforms. Photobiomodulation, or low level laser therapy, signals changes in fat cells that create pores in the cell wall. This shift in cell-wall permeability triggers lipolysis and sets in motion the breakdown of triglycerides into fatty acids now small enough to pass through the channels of the cell walls.

Pinpointing specific treatment areas, NLAL removes inches from your abdomen, hips, thighs, waist, or even your chin.

In a short, 20-minute treatment session, our advanced cold LED light therapy sends a chemical signals that trigger effective, pain-free fat loss.