Brain and Emotional Health


While there are many functional and energy medicine modalities that identify and treat neurological concerns, some are surprised at the pervasive connection between the brain and the "gut," otherwise known as the intestinal system and the liver. Even a condition as seemingly disparate as a mood disorder can be attributed to inflammation and nutritional deficiencies originating in the gut.

Identifying gut-based abnormalities speaks to neurological issues, and vice versa. The intricacy of the brain-gut connection drives home how tremendously useful a holistic, personalized approach is to medical and mental healthcare.

Brain mapping and heart rate variability studies offer further personalization of care.  Here we can identify the properties/patterns of your brain’s electrical output and hence its efficiency in performing certain tasks.  Through heart rate variability we identify the dominance of a patient’s stress response, and her ability to recover from recent stressors as well as those in the distant past. With the results we can offer customized neurofeedback and heart rate variability training. Yes, it is possible to train your brain to recruit more neurons and power within those neurons, while simultaneously inducing profound feelings of relaxation. Think of it as taking your brain to the gym.