Thought-Field Therapy 


Since the 1980s, Roger Callahan’s Thought-Field Therapy has been used to treat a range of psychological issues, from anxiety and depression to addiction and PTSD. Now people are using it to manage, and even help prevent, physical ailments like atrial fibrillation. Sometimes called “psychological acupuncture,” Thought-Field Therapy has become a popular and effective method of healing various physical and psychological disorders by increasing the natural blood flow and electromagnetic energy that break down blockages in the body’s energy fields.

Focusing on the body’s energy meridians, Thought-Field Therapy practitioners tap specific areas of the body to dissolve the “perturbations” that can cause a range of illnesses in the body and mind. Tapping helps attune energy fields that get blocked by trauma, re-balancing the body’s energy or Qi, and allowing natural painkillers to alleviate pain and discomfort, physically and mentally.

With a high percentage of patients reporting relief from emotional and bodily discomfort after just one 15-minute session, Thought-Field Therapy is considered quick, non-invasive and effective.


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